Installation Instructions


The material of your graphics is designed specifically to be installed dry.
Any use of liquids will prevent the adhesive from adhering to the intended
surface. The material your decals are comprised of are a Pressure Sensitive
High Performance Vinyl. This feature allows for an easier application for the

SURFACE PREPARATION:- Proper cleaning and preparation of substrate prior to decal application is
critical to the success of the process.

- Remove all dirt and grime with a commercial detergent solution and water.

- If grease, oil, wax, etc., are present, the substrate must be scrubbed
with a solvent wipe isopropyl alcohol and or other solvents if necessary.

- After proper cleaning, the substrate surface should be thoroughly wiped
by using a clean rag saturated with a cleaner such as Isopropyl Alcohol or Windex.

- After thoroughly wiping with cleaner, dry wipe the surface completely
using a clean, soft, lint-free cloth before solvent evaporates.

- Make sure surface is cool to the touch and out of the sun.

Recommended temperature for installation is between 60-72 degrees Fahrenheit.